Friday, July 6, 2012

Free People!

    Brooke and Nicole offers a lot of designer brands that are hard to find anywhere else.  It's a boutique that caters to the chicest fashion senses while still being playful and affordable.  One of the most prominent and exciting brands that we carry, and the one the blog is devoted to today, is Free People.
    Free People was established by Dick Hayne in the 1970's in West Philadelphia.  The brand later transformed into Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and then came back to its roots in an updated version of Free People. Brooke and Nicole and Free People coexist well with each other because they are both geared to the savvy teen/twenty-something fashionista not afraid to try new patterns, cuts, and styles.

    Brooke and Nicole carries dresses by Free People that are perfect for fall transitioning into the whole autumn season. The black and white tapestry dress(pictured above) as well as the turquoise are a very reasonable $168.  With all the detail and ornamentation on them, they're awesome finds.  The dresses are statement pieces that look fine enough by themselves or with a simple belt at the waist. Things like jewelry or a loud heel arent necessary with all of the "wow" going on. (Tapestry dresses pictured above)

      The denim dress we got in has beautiful cut out details that make a seemingly plain garment a wonderfully understated fashion statement.  You can accessorize in the front and really bring the outfit to life with pops of color.  With a sinched high waist it's flattering on almost all body types!

     If you want to go for a more casual look with Free People, Brooke and Nicole also carries various tops by the brand that are cute and expressive.  The Plaid button up pictured below is unlike any other you'll find on the market.  The detailing on the back make it feminine and modern unlike many plaid tops that are available right now.  With all the ornamentation and enhancements on the garment, it's a find to buy it at $118.  Free People also has an ecclectic 60s-70's inspired top with fabric floral detailing.  It's breathable and cute to boot! it's priced at $168 as well.

 With all the success Free People is having at the store, you're sure to find more coming in soon.  Check out the and the facebook page for new arrivals. Also, stay up to date with the Blog! updated randomly during the week!


Monday, July 2, 2012

Neon, Neon, and More Neon.

     At any given time this summer, you'll be assured to find people sweating, people getting married, and people wearing neon.  Neon has really taken off in the past couple of years and has hit its peak this spring and summer.  With the environment of the summer being so vibrant and energetic, girls like their clothing to match their moods.  Neons are also really flattering to the chick that's been sunbathing and working on her tan.

    Brooke and Nicole just got a whole huge shipment of neons for the summer.  Our new arrivals range from tube top bras, camis, full-on tops, skirts, and accessories out the wazoo! Accessorizing with a nice neon necklace or handful of bangles is an easy way to take a plain staple outfit and make it into a statement look.  Neons can also be quite handy to have in the heat because they reflect light more than they absorb it. So with neon pieces in your outfit, you can look sassy and not sweaty.

The neon tubes pictured on either side are only $10.  They're a great little accent of pop to add under any top for a little brightness.  The necklaces just came in and are fabulous.  Adding them to any muted color makes the outfit say something completely different than with a classic gold or silver jewelry piece.  The designer necklaces being worn start from $48 and are one of a kind in the store!
Come in and try the pops of color out while they're still on the racks. Look hot in the heat! Check out the pinterest at and follow us on instagram @brookeandnicole

Friday, June 22, 2012

Looking Hot in the Heat without the Hassle!

     It's getting hot in Thomasville, girls. REAL hot.  What's cute in the winter and fall seasons is impossible in the summer because of articles' "wearability".  You might see a cute top or cardigan in a store, but the likelihood that you could wear it anywhere but in the freezer section at Publix is slim.  In the summer, we have to wear either as few layers as possible or very breathable materials when going outside of our air conditioned homes.  Luckily, Brooke & Nicole is there to save you from being miserable in the heat or in the mirror!

     The essentials of summertime fashion are printed tops, airy materials, and one piece outfits.  Anything that helps cut down the trouble of fiddling with articles and sweating is necessary.  Floral prints and nomadic patterns are really "in" right now because they make statements.  With "wow" pieces like a printed top or one with fine detailing, there isnt a need to slap another layer on top of it to make the look complete.  It's a "put it on and bounce" piece.  The top can kind of act as its own accessory, which is convenient and easy on your wallet.  Brooke & Nicole just recently got in some STUNNING tops by Perch that are both breathable and patterned so it's a really easy-going piece(above on either side). They're only $32 too!  Blu Pepper, Andree, and Very J also sent us in some adorable lightweight dresses that have cute lacey detailing and cream/light colors so the sun wont burn you to bits! That's all starting from $49.

Fierce Find
     This entry's Fierce Find is the beautiful Jessica Simpson one-sleeved dress available for only $148!     It's stunning on and it's perfect because it's one of the necessary summer pieces.  It's white so heat won't absorb as much as a darker garment.  It's a one-piece "to-go" outfit because it's a long slip on dress. It's also super airy and light so you won't feel like you're weightlifting all day.  On top of that, it's printed so it's a statement piece in itself! All you need to go with it is staple jewelry like subtle golds or silvers with touches of color. Or throw on some dangly earrings, put your hair up, and call it a day! It looks great with flip flops. Hurry and come try it out before they all zoom away!

Sale Rack

This week's hot sale item are printed tops. They're bright, lively, and marked down! A beautiful Pepe Peluso top/dress is on sale. Try it on and check out the gorgeous beading on the neckline.  Now for only $37.80.  For a mod retro look the Simone D top/dress is on sale for $25.20.  Or go for the so-cool nomadic printed poncho by Hot and Delicious!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

New Arrivals!

      It's Christmas in June at Brooke & Nicole today, ladies.  We just received a hiyUGE order of amazing neutral and white dresses that you guys have been looking for. Blu Pepper and Very J sent us amazing cream and white dresses that are perfect for afternoons out with friends, lunch functions, or even those upcoming sorority socials that require white!

     Anything Neutral is a great purchase because like expressed in the first blog, it's a great "sneaky staple item".  They'll never go out of style because they're so subtle.  Plus, buying light neutral colors gives you the chance to over accessorize. With the subtlety of the garments, lots of jewelry doesnt look unpleasant!  Neutrals make the girl wearing them look etherial and airy.  With the climate being the way it is in the south, it's also essential because they breathe and reflect that hot Georgia sun unlike other bright colors and blacks. Take a chic Blu Pepper cream dress, throw on some gold bangles and a pair of your cutest brown cowboy boots by Lane (available at Brooke & Nicole) and you're ready for a day out in town running errands.  You'll look amazing and you'll still be comfortable in the heat!
The new imports to the store are not only amazingly beautiful, but also surprisingly affordable.  All three dresses are only $49! and the beautiful detailed top (to the right) is only $46! These are sure to fly off the racks soon because of their comfort and stunning simplistic beauty. Stay tuned for more updates and this week's Fierce Find!

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Brooke & Nicole's First Blog!

     It's official! Brooke & Nicole has a blog now! Its purpose is to inform our valued customers of new trends happening in fashion, upcoming promotions and contests in which you can enter, and sales in the store!  Now that it's summertime we know that your social life is probably way more eventful, and we want you to have the perfect outfit for your gatherings, parties, and outings.